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Vor saga reading order

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+title: Vorkosigan Omnibus reading order.
+You may have stumbled upon the magnificent Vorkosigan saga, some of the finest scifi available. Perhaps via the [Cryoburn CD](, containing almost the entire series for free in ebook form. But there's several thousand pages in assorted omnibus forms. What order do you read them in? [Bujold made a handy list](, but you'd have to look in each omnibus to organize them properly. And what if you don't feel like reading all of them? Behold a handy list in suggested reading order.
+#### Cordelia's Honor
+Contains _Shards of Honor_ and _Barrayar_. Frequently referenced backstory about Mile's parents. I'll be honest, _Shards_ is one of Bujold's early works and it's long, and it gets to be a slog at times. _Barrayar_ was published later, but it's really a direct continuation of the story. It's OK to skip these or read them later, once you're hooked.
+#### Young Miles
+Contains _The Warrior's Apprentice_, _The Mountains of Mourning_, and _The Vor Game_. Introduces Miles. It's a decent place to start.
+#### Miles, Mystery, and Mayhem
+Contains _Cetaganda_, _Ethan of Athos_, and the short(er) story _Labyrinth_
+#### Miles Errant
+Contains _The Borders of Infinity_, _Brothers in Arms_, and _Mirror Dance_.
+> "You see," Mile explained in a hollow voice to the What-the-hell-are-they-talking-about portion of the room, "some people have an evil twin. I am not so lucky. What I have is an idiot twin."
+#### Memory
+This isn't in an omnibus, isn't on the CD, and is really important. Surprise! Go give Ms. Bujold money.
+#### Miles, Mutants & Microbes
+Contains _Falling Free_ (set 100 years before Miles is born), _Labyrinth_ (again!) and _Diplomatic Immunity_. This is also an acceptable starting point, in my humble opinion.
+#### Miles in Love
+Contains _Komarr_, _A Civil Campaign_, and _Winter Fair Gifts_
+#### Captain Vorpatril's Alliance
+Unpublished at the time of writing. But what if you've read everything before this point? Like one of [Pratchett's auditors](, you'll have to stop here, flailing helplessly (but logically!) before preceding. Oh, cruel fate! Etc.
+#### Cryoburn
+You escaped the logic trap. What are you, a human? A time traveler? Anyway, this is the latest. One of the best. I started here. Read this.
+#### Proto Zoa
+Not on Cryoburn CD. Not essential. Don't buy this unless you've read everything else and absolutely must read more. A collection of early short stories; appears to be a republishing of _Dreamweaver's Dilemma_ (which is out of print) with the last chapter of _Shards of Honor_.
+#### _Weatherman_ and _Borders of Infinity_
+You may see these when you check Amazon to see if I missed anything. Ignore them; the first is part of _The Vor Game_; the second is several novella from the assorted books already mentioned above. It's bound together by a few pages of Illian questioning Miles about the curious entries in his expense report for the past several missions. Sci-fi expense reports! Excitement! You're not missing a thing.

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