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This project has been moved to the TypeScript ESLint organization ->

TypeScript ESTree

A parser that converts TypeScript source code into an ESTree-compatible form

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This parser is somewhat generic and robust, and could be used to power any use-case which requires taking TypeScript source code and producing an ESTree-compatible AST.

In fact, it is already used within these hyper-popular open-source projects to power their TypeScript support:


npm install --save typescript-estree


parse(code, options)

Parses the given string of code with the options provided and returns an ESTree-compatible AST. The options object has the following properties:

    // attach range information to each node
    range: false,

    // attach line/column location information to each node
    loc: false,

    // create a top-level tokens array containing all tokens
    tokens: false,

    // create a top-level comments array containing all comments
    comment: false,

    // enable parsing JSX. For more details, see
    jsx: false,

     * The JSX AST changed the node type for string literals
     * inside a JSX Element from `Literal` to `JSXText`.
     * When value is `true`, these nodes will be parsed as type `JSXText`.
     * When value is `false`, these nodes will be parsed as type `Literal`.
    useJSXTextNode: false,

    // Cause the parser to error if it encounters an unknown AST node type (useful for testing)
    errorOnUnknownASTType: false,

     * Allows overriding of function used for logging.
     * When value is `false`, no logging will occur.
     * When value is not provided, `console.log()` will be used.
    loggerFn: undefined

Example usage:

const parser = require('typescript-estree');
const code = `const hello: string = 'world';`;
const ast = parser.parse(code, {
  range: true,
  loc: true


Exposes the current version of typescript-estree as specified in package.json.

Example usage:

const parser = require('typescript-estree');
const version = parser.version;


Exposes an object that contains the AST node types produced by the parser.

Example usage:

const parser = require('typescript-estree');
const astNodeTypes = parser.AST_NODE_TYPES;

Supported TypeScript Version

We will always endeavor to support the latest stable version of TypeScript.

The version of TypeScript currently supported by this parser is ~3.2.1. This is reflected in the devDependency requirement within the package.json file, and it is what the tests will be run against. We have an open peerDependency requirement in order to allow for experimentation on newer/beta versions of TypeScript.

If you use a non-supported version of TypeScript, the parser will log a warning to the console.

Please ensure that you are using a supported version before submitting any issues/bug reports.

Reporting Issues

Please check the current list of open and known issues and ensure the issue has not been reported before. When creating a new issue provide as much information about your environment as possible. This includes:

  • TypeScript version
  • The typescript-estree version

AST Alignment Tests

A couple of years after work on this parser began, the TypeScript Team at Microsoft began officially supporting TypeScript parsing via Babel.

I work closely with TypeScript Team and we are gradually aliging the AST of this project with the one produced by Babel's parser. To that end, I have created a full test harness to compare the ASTs of the two projects which runs on every PR, please see the code for more details.

Build/Test Commands

  • npm test - run all tests
  • npm run unit-tests - run only unit tests
  • npm run ast-alignment-tests - run only Babylon AST alignment tests


TypeScript ESTree inherits from the the original TypeScript ESLint Parser license, as the majority of the work began there. It is licensed under a permissive BSD 2-clause license.


A parser that converts TypeScript source code into an ESTree-compatible form




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