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Openframeworks addon for reading Adobe .ase swatch exchange files
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ofxASE: An Adobe .ase Swatch Importer for Open Frameworks

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ofxASE lets you import color swatches like those from Adobe Color or other Adobe products into your openFrameworks project. This lets you quickly set and dynamically change the color palette of a project.


ofxASE swatch;
swatch.load("swatches/AdobeColor Under the Wave off Kanagawa - Katsushika Hokusai.ase");

for(auto namedColor : swatch.getAllColors()){
    ofLog() << namedColor.color;


clone ofxASE into the addons folder of your openFrameworks installation. A basic example and an example specifically on color groups are included with the addon.

Brief Documentation

Loading Swatches:

A swatch can be loaded in with multiple .ase files. Each file's contents are added to the swatch instance. Swatches can be cleared with .clear()

ofxASE swatch;


Getting Colors:

To get all the colors in a swatch, use the .getAllColors() method. This returns a std::vector of type NamedColor. NamedColor's can be implicitly treated like ofColor's but also have a .name field and an explicit .color

for(ofxASE::NamedColor namedColor : swatch.getAllColors()){
    ofLog() << << " : " << namedColor.color;

Working with Groups:

Use .getGroups() to get all the color groups within a swatch. This method returns a std::vector of type NamedColorGroup. Each NamedColorGroup has a .name field and a .getColors() method which returns a std::vector of type NamedColor.

for(ofxASE::NamedColorGroup group : swatch.getGroups()){
    ofLog() <<;
    for(ofxASE::NamedColor namedColor : group.getColors()){
        ofLog() << "|" <<;


MIT License - Copyright (c) 2019 James Hovet

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