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@JamesIves JamesIves released this
· 134 commits to releases/v4 since this release
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Happy New Year 2022!


Minor Changes

  • Implements a warning if you're using an unsupported operating system. This will occur if the workflow runs within MacOS or Windows. The workflow will not be cancelled.
  • The action is now case insensitive, allowing you to make casing changes to files so long as you commit them using the git mv command prior to the workflow running. (#895)
  • Fixes an issue that was causing single-commit to fail when using repository-name if the branch name was equal from the origin to destination. (#665)
  • Enabled Dependabot updates for the GitHub Actions that are used as part of the projects integration tests.
  • Made improvements to the issue template.
  • Modified the dev container so it now properly runs on Node 14 when used within GitHub Codespaces.
  • Modified the default exclude list to use an enum value to ensure accuracy.
  • Dependency upgrades.