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📱Single page application built with React and Redux which displays data from the Reddit API.
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Reddit Viewer 📱

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This is a single page application built with React and Redux that allows you to view content from Reddit.

You can view the online version of this application here.

Installation Steps 💽

This application can be installed by running yarn install. Once installed you're able to launch the application in a local server by running yarn start.

You can build a production-ready version by running yarn build which will compile the application to the /build directory. Unit tests can be run using the yarn test command.

Once initialized the application can be accessed on localhost port 3000. The application is driven primarily by routes, allowing you to get directly to the content you want. For example you can navigate directly to http://localhost:8080/#/r/wow/hot or http://localhost:8080/#/r/teslamotors/new.


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