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#Quiz Game

A small web-based quiz game.

To play:

  • Make sure that Python 3+ is installed
  • Download this repository and make sure that the libraries "hug" and "requests" are installed
  • Run the "main.py" file and connect to your computer's IP address with a web browser (if on the same machine, you can use "localhost")
  • Enter a name and answer some questions!

There is an admin page available at /admin, where players can be kicked out of the game and the questions can be changed. The numbered buttons on the right hand side of the page will retrieve the specified number of questions from the Open Trivia Database (opentbd.com) and the Reload button in the top right will reset the questions to the questions given in the "questions.json" file.

To add your own questions, add them to the "questions.json" file, following the same format as the two questions that are included.

Have fun! -James C.