Polyfill for ECMAScript 6's `Function.name`.
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Support function declarations with block comments between the `function` keyword and function name

Fixes #6
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A polyfill for the basic functionality of Function.name accessor property in its pre-ES6 form.


Named function declarations

function hello() {
  /* ... */
console.log(hello.name);  // "hello"

Named function expressions

var fn = function foo() {
  /* ... */
console.log(fn.name);  // "foo"

Browser Compatibility

Most modern browsers have already supported this basic functionality for quite some time but this polyfill will apply to at least the following:

  • IE >=9 <12
  • Chrome <33

For IE <9, you can still use fn._name() instead.


Pre-ES6 Form

  • In short, this means that this polyfilled name accessor property can provide you with the name of a named function definition (either a named function declaration or a named function expression).
  • Unlike other browsers with a similar support level for the pre-ES6 form, this poyfilled name accessor property is also intentionally marked as configurable.

Chrome <5

Other Documentation