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Twitter Stream Recorder

Twitter Stream Recorder saves the output from a stream to disk, creating a new file every hour. By default, Twitter Stream Recorded creates GZIP compressed files, with one Tweet in JSON format per line.


Twitter Stream Recorder can be installed using a number of methods.

The easiest method is to simply run main.go using the go run command:

go run main.go

To build the application binary, go build can be used and will generate the binary in your current directory.

go build


The stream recorded has a number of parameters, all of which are optional depending on your setup.

-compress=true      Perform gzip compression before writing to disk.
-dir="./"           Path to store downloaded tweets.
-host="localhost"   The hostname to dial to.
-port=8053          Port to dial on.

Example Usage

The following example connects to a machine called juvented on a non-default port, specifies a directory to store the tweets and enables compression.

twitter-stream-recorder -host=juventud -port=56874 -dir=/local/jjnas01/Public/Commonwealth -compress=true

To following disables compression and writes files to the current directory:

twitter-stream-recorder -host=juventud -port=56874 -dir=./ -compress=false