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Visualising facebook's population density GeoTIFFs
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Facebook Population Data Viz

Experimenting with visualsing Facebooks population dataset in the web.

The Data

High Resolution Settlement Layer

Data is available from:

Data is licensed Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Download the Data

You can download the data manually or use the convinence script provided as such:


This will download and unzip the files to a folder entitled 'rawdata'

Prequistes for Python Scripts

  • GDAL
  • GDAL Python bindings

Process the Data

Process the data as such:

python rawdata/hrsl_gha/hrsl_gha.tif

The data will now be in the 'data' folder.

Viewing the Data

We can use a web browser to examine the data. To setup the project install node.js and npm. You can then do:

cd demo
npm install

To get a hot reloading web server that will display the data you can run:

npm install -g live-server

Make sure you run this from the repo root directory. Then you just have to change the url variable in the index.html file to the appropriate tif file:

var url = "/data/hrsl_mwi_downsample.tif";

Software License

The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016 James Milner

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