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@JamesNK JamesNK released this 27 Nov 18:13
· 120 commits to master since this release
  • New feature - Added NuGet package signing
  • New feature - Added Authenticode assembly signing
  • New feature - Added SourceLink support
  • New feature - Added constructors to StringEnumConverter for setting AllowIntegerValue
  • New feature - Added JsonNameTable and JsonTextReader.PropertyNameTable
  • New feature - Added line information to JsonSerializationException
  • New feature - Added JObject.Property overload with a StringComparison
  • New feature - Added JsonMergeSettings.PropertyNameComparison
  • New feature - Added support for multiple Date constructors with JavaScriptDateTimeConverter
  • New feature - Added support for strict equals and strict not equals in JSON Path queries
  • New feature - Added EncodeSpecialCharacters setting to XmlNodeConverter
  • New feature - Added trace message for serializing to non-writable properties
  • New feature - Added support for NamingStrategy to StringEnumConverter
  • New feature - Added JsonLoadSettings.DuplicatePropertyNameHandling setting
  • Change - JTokenReader now uses JsonReader.DateTimeZoneHandling setting for date values
  • Change - Excluded TargetSite when serializing Exceptions without SerializableAttribute
  • Change - Changed StringEnumConverter.ctor(bool camelCaseText) to obsolete
  • Change - Changed StringEnumConverter.CamelCaseText to obsolete
  • Fix - Fixed incorrect overflow when reading decimal values from JSON
  • Fix - Fixed error message when trying to deserialize an abstract serializable type
  • Fix - Fixed parsing decimals from a string with an exponent
  • Fix - Fixed losing DateTime.Kind when deserializing ISO date strings
  • Fix - Fixed calling constructors with ref and in parameters
  • Fix - Fixed rare race condition in name table when serializing
  • Fix - Fixed unhelpful exception message when unable to convert JSON value to DateTime
  • Fix - Fixed error when deserializing empty array in DataTable
  • Fix - Fixed deserializing empty string to empty byte array
  • Fix - Fixed blank extension data values with required properties and deserializing with constructor
  • Fix - Fixed ignored values being set in extension data when deserializing
  • Fix - Fixed comparing equal integer and floating point values in JSON Path
  • Fix - Fixed BsonReader when reading multiple content
  • Fix - Fixed setting extension data with existing key
  • Fix - Fixed including array attribute in XML with namespaces when converting JSON to XML
  • Fix - Fixed error when serializing ref struct properties by excluding them from serialization