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@JamesNK JamesNK released this Nov 3, 2014 · 1328 commits to master since this release

  • New feature - Added ITraceWriter, MemoryTraceWriter, DiagnosticsTraceWriter
  • New feature - Added StringEscapeHandling with options to escape HTML and non-ASCII characters
  • New feature - Added non-generic JToken.ToObject methods
  • New feature - Deserialize ISet properties as HashSet
  • New feature - Added implicit conversions for Uri, TimeSpan, Guid
  • New feature - Missing byte, char, Guid, TimeSpan and Uri explicit conversion operators added to JToken
  • New feature - Special case so Version type is correctly deserialized
  • Change - Silverlight and Windows Phone assemblies in NuGet are strong named again
  • Change - Improved CamelCasePropertyNamesContractResolver camel casing property names
  • Change – Explicit JValue conversions are more flexible when converting values
  • Fix - Fixed QuoteChar not being used when writing DateTimes, TimeSpans, Uris and Guids
  • Fix - Fixed JValue constructors for Uri, TimeSpan, Guid assigning incorrect JTokenType
  • Fix - Fixed ReferenceLoopHandling not being used when serializing ISerializable and dynamic values
  • Fix - Fixed potential null reference error when getting attributes
  • Fix - Fixed .NET 2.0 build incorrectly referencing DateTimeOffset
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