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Configuring Actions

An action can be configured with:

  • The command type expressed as a generic parameter
  • A HTTP verb (mandatory)
  • An optional binding attribute for the command payload e.g. [[FromBody]]. This is expressed as an optional secondary generic parameter. GET and DELETE verbs default to FromRoute while POST and PUT verbs default to FromBody
  • An optional route - this is attached to the controller using the [[Route(...)]] attribute.
  • An optional set of attribute filters - see Attributes below

A sample illustrating all five of the above options is shown below:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // ... normal setup of commanding and other infrastructure

        .AddAspNetCoreCommanding(cfg => cfg
                actions => actions
                    .Action<GetBasketQuery, FromQueryAttribute>(
                        attributes => attributes.Attribute<AuthorizeAttribute>())