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Learning F# with a variant of the classic Star Trek game.
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Padd Trek

This is a learning project for me and I'd deeply appreciate the input of F# experts - please leave any comments in Issues so that I can develop good habits early and learn fast! Thank you!

I've written a few versions of the classic main frame Star Trek game over the years, mostly to teach myself new languages, operating systems, environments etc.

The last one was called Padd Trek (because it ran on the iPad, written in Objective-C, and well PADD!) - I pulled it from the store and stopped maintaining it as app development on iOS got ever more complex (devices, rule changes etc.).

My favourite version was probably MouseTrek for the PC back in the early 90s. That one was written (badly!) in C but for which I also wrote a mouse and windowing library for VGA. Was lots of fun and landed me my first commercial job.

I don't always complete them, and I may not this, as that's not the goal.

So here's one, or at least the beginnings of one, in badly written F#! And on which I plan on dropping a console interface.

As they're all my first or early attempt at something, and this one is literally the first lines of F# I am writing, the code is - without fail - absolutely awful. But no matter. Fun and learning is had. But if you stumble across this - please don't use it as an example of F# done even remotely ok! I'm sure its not.

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