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GitHub Pages Publish

A build and release task to update GitHub Pages as part of a VSTS build or release. Ideal for publishing package documentation in conjunction with DocFX and something I use as part of my automated package and release pipeline for AzureFromTheTrenches.Commanding.


To use the plugin you need to:

  1. Have configured GitHub Pages to be hosted within the gh-pages branch of your repository. Setup instructions can be found here.
  2. Obtain a Personal Access Token that the build task can use to commit to your gh-pages branch. Instructions for doing that can be found here.


You can find the plugin in the VSTS marketplace - just search for Publish to GitHub Pages, you will probably see it in the list after typing Publish then just add the task to your build or release pipeline.

In general I recommend having a build that compiles your documentation (and if you are using DocFX their are extensions in the marketplace for doing that easily) and a release that takes the artifacts from that and publishes them to GitHub Pages.


You'll then need to set the required parameters for the publishing process:

Parameter Description
Documentation Source File path (folder) in which the documentation is located - typically a build artifact folder e.g. $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)\Documentation\site\*
GitHub Username Your GitHub username e.g. JamesRandall (mine).
GitHub Personal Access Token The personal access token you obtained earlier. I recommend storing this in a secure VSTS build and release variable.
GitHub Email Address The email address you want associated with the commit to the gh-pages branch
Repository Name The name of the GitHub repository that you want to publish pages to
Commit Message The message you want associated with the commit - this defaults to "Automated Release $(Release.ReleaseId)"

Bits and Pieces

It's really just a wrapper over some Git commands which you can see in the PowerShell script if you want to take a look or use this as a baseline for something slightly different.

Any issues log them in the Issues area for this GitHub repository or message me on Twitter.