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It's a game. A very very simple game. And it's not only a game, it's also a metaphor of life.

As we born, the world is a blank paper for us, so is the blank background in the game. And that's you, all alone in the center.

Then you start to move, towards a target which is given by the world. Go nearer, and reach it. Every time you reach a target, you get 100 more on your score. The more score you get, the more experiences you are, and you are older as well.

Youth is a good thing. You are small, and the world is big. When you have a dream, just go for it, without any hesitation. Go straight, and the world will make way for you.

As you get older, there are more obstacles. But don't get frightened! Make your every movement carefully, and finally you will reach your target.

For every thousand scores, there's a raise in speed. No need to worry, you will be used to it. Being busy when you get older is normal, right? After trying some times, I'm pretty sure that you'll get used to it, and even enjoy it.

If you failed, no worries. The important thing is not the score, but the game itself and the experience you get. Right? And it's not a real life, you always have a chance to retry. No need to sing Give Me Some Sunshine on the roof of a tall building and playing a guitar.

Sometimes your game life will be out of control randomly. Sometimes you cannot stop, and sometimes you cannot move. Give your little circle a command again, and it will be normal. But never try to control it with 2 or more fingers. Too many commands will give it a lot of pressure, and it can only stop.

Also, I make the collision calculations not very exact on purpose. Take it as an advantage, or be grateful for your surviving near death.

How to Play

Remember to unlock screen rotating on your iDevice.

Move the small circle (player) towards the big circle (target) without hitting the obstacles (sticks).

Start: put your iDevice in landscape mode.

Pause: put your iDevice in portrait mode.

Move: touch any point on the screen and drag in one of the 8 directions.

About speed: on each direction (x and y) you can gain a certain speed.

Score: every time you reach a target, you get 100 score.

Speed increase: on reaching every 1000 score, it become faster. Until 6000.

Why I'm Working on This

My beloved second-hand CASIO fx-CG20 was confiscated by my teacher. It (and this game) has been a time killer and a good tool to relax us between tiring classes for my classmates. I don't want them to lose it.


Author: James Swineson

Contact me: mail to jamesswineson#gmail.com (replace # with @)

I'm a poor high school student, developing this iOS game without a Mac.

Donations needed. Any old devices are welcomed.

Origin author:flyingfisch (Blog: casio.clrhome.org)

The origin game is based on lua, running on CASIO fx-CG20.

Licensed under GPLv3.


Develop process will be very slow or even stop after my summer vacation ends.