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full hotpatch clover thanks to @CrazyPegasus , @宪武 and @MAJ in pcbeta forum.


video :

BIOS setting

  • Enabled DEP (under memory protection / execution prevention)
  • Disabled secure boot
  • Disabled legacy boot
  • Enabled CSM
  • Enabled boot from USB
  • No Fast Boot Option
  • No Data mode option
  • Intel SGX Disabled
  • TPM Disabled
  • thunderbolt bios assist : disabled
  • Sleep mode : see information below

Working/Not working list

  • what is working
    • audio
    • Built in Camera (connected through usb , Integrated camera under system info)
    • brightness adjustment (via keyboard)
    • HDMI output throught type c slot and HDMI slot
    • wifi&bluetooth (swap your wifi card) [Broadcom DW1560(OEM by Dell), DW1830(OEM by Dell), BCM94352Z(OEM by Lenovo), BCM943602BAED(OEM by Lenovo), BCM94360CS2(OEM by Apple), BCM943602CS(OEM by Apple)]
      • the kext for wifi card dw160 are put in clover/kext/other by default , if you are using catalina , you should replace BrcmPatchRAM2 with BrcmPatchRAM3 , and added BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext
    • trackpad (PS/2 synaptics trackpad , drived by acidanthera voodoops2)
    • touchscreen
      • connected through usb (pen and multitouch sensor under system info)
      • there is two option to get multitouch and pen support for touchscreen
        • voodooi2c.kext and voodooi2chid.kext
          • recommended : for it is free , and gesture is very responsive
          • download here
          • support
            • touchscreen gesture : native 1~5 fingers gesture , same as trackpad gesture , you can adjust your gesture in bettertouchtool
            • stylus pen
              • upper button : act as right click
              • pen touch : act as left click
                • stylus pen pressure sensitivity is not supported
              • lower button + pen touch : act as middle click
              • pen button function can be adjusted via controllermate and bettertouchtool)
        • touch-base updd driver ( you can mail to them for a trial driver , for free)
          • not recommended : for higher cpu usage(about 10 percent) , occationally the touch has laggy issue , and the driver is expensive
          • support
            • touchscreen gesture : can be adjust via GUI menu
            • stylus pen
              • upper button + pen touch
              • pen touch has pressure sensitivity
              • the upper and lower button function cannot be adjusted via controllermate
    • usb type C hotplug
    • battery status (Percentage can be displayed)
    • Backlit keyboard (Use Fn + space)
    • graphics acceleration
    • Ethernet port
    • Mac App Store works normally
    • microSD card reader
      • connected through usb (USB 3.0-CRW under system info), therefore it works without any kext needed
    • sleep and wake
      • need to update to bios 1.35 or newer
      • sleep mode
        • choose windows for modern standby : higher battery drainage , not recommended
        • choose linux for normal S3 sleep : lower battery drainage , recommended
      • when the machine is sleeping , the LED bulb will blink , after wake it become to normal
  • untest(not sure)
    • thunderbolt 3
      • do not have device , not tested ; might be full of bug
    • WWAN
      • do not have device , not tested ; WWAN is connected through pcie

Personal Customization

  • EDID & HiDPi
    • use hackintool or one-key-hidpi
  • CPU frequency
    • use one-key-cpufriend


System Screen Shot

System Info


USB ports









  • 2019/10/30 :
    • Bettertouchtool seems to cause system a bit instable and laggy ; version 3.2 of bettertouchtool crash after it is launched ; oversion 3.217 randomly have very high cpu usage.


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