Use a raspberry pi and an xbox controller to control hue smartlights. Raspberry Pi also serves config UI.
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Xbox + Node + Hue + Pi

Use an Xbox 360 controller to control Phillips Hue lights via node.js on a Raspberry Pi.

All confgured via a Web UI run across the LAN from the Pi.

Configuration UI screenshot.

Getting Started

Note: This app is only tested running in Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi. Should work on other linux's wont work on Windows or Mac OS X

  1. Plug in Xbox Controller to any USB port
  2. Download & Install Xbox Driver sudo apt-get install xboxdrv
  3. Download the latest release
  4. Unzip into local directory and change into that director 5. Modfy /module/lamps.js with the details for you hue bride account (follow the setup guide at
  5. Run npm install
  6. Run xboxdrv --silent & to run driver and place into background.
  7. Run node app.js
  8. Press buttons on your controller, see colors change.
  9. Marvel in awe.