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Make optimisation of images part of your automated build process
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A Command Line version of ImageOptim for the Mac.

ImageOptim-CLI is a Shell Script which controls the same underlying executables as found in


$ imageOptim /path/to/images


 FILE                                               KB REMOVED  % REMOVED
 test/animated.gif                                3,689.165 KB     75.00%
 test/faustino-asprilla.jpg                           2.149 KB      1.00%
 test/tux.png                                         2.892 KB      6.00%
 TOTAL                                            3,694.206 KB     73.00%

Similar Projects

Similar projects exist such as toy/image_optim so check that out as well.

The main differences in ImageOptim-CLI are;

  1. it does not require you to install each of the optimisation tools yourself.
  2. it does not depend on Ruby, it's just Shell.
  3. it is new, and is still not yet stable.

Another web optimisation tool is JamieMason/Unreadable, an intelligent, CSS-aware HTML minifier and optimizer for the command line.

Please Contribute

I'm a JavaScript Developer who is fairly new to Shell, forks & contributions are welcomed.

Known Issues

Paths containing spaces are not yet properly handled.

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