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"unreadable": {
"remove_optional_closing_tags": false,
"optional_closing_tags": ["body", "colgroup", "dd", "dt", "head", "html", "li", "option", "tbody", "td", "tfoot", "th", "thead", "tr"],
"forbidden_closing_tags": ["area", "base", "basefont", "br", "col", "frame", "hr", "img", "input", "isindex", "link", "meta", "param"]
"uglify_js": {
"strict_semicolons": false,
"lift_variables": true,
"no_mangle": false,
"mangle": {
"toplevel": false,
"except": [],
"defines": null
"no_squeeze": false,
"squeeze": {
"make_seqs": true,
"dead_code": true
"gen_code": {
"beautify": false,
"indent_start": 0,
"indent_level": 4,
"quote_keys": false,
"space_colon": false,
"ascii_only": false,
"inline_script": true
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