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TigerScore is an online testing form system for Martial Arts academies, originally created for Tiger Martial Arts, made for viewing on a tablet such as an iPad. If you own a Martial Arts school and you would like to use this software, clone the repository where you would like to install and follow the instructions during installation carefully!


  • Custom flat user interface
  • Custom installation
  • Custom login for instructors (teachers) with a custom password and multi-instructor support
  • Custom site name
  • Custom testing panel with organized skillsets for each student
  • Custom admin panel for masters that allows easy curriculum changing
  • Custom email templates that are used to confirm tests and payments
  • Custom user navigation to locate students
  • Custom promotion application for students
  • Custom receipt for testing for both academy owner and tester
  • Secure payment verification


  • Read/write permissions for files in the TigerScore directory
  • Any mail server that is compatible with the PHP mail() function


  • If you already have a website for your academy, you may want to consider installing this in a subdirectory of the site (such as /tigerscore/)
  • If you do not know how to install this yourself, or if you are having issues, I can install it for you, just email me!