A modified version of electron which allows D3 to be used within electron without problems.
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Electron D3

A modified version of D3 which allows D3 to run within Electron apps without a problem.


electron-d3 is running D3 version: 3.5.14

Installation instructions

First to install electron-d3: bower install electron-d3

Include it within your HTML: <script src="bower_components/electron-d3/dist/electron-d3.min.js"></script>

Reference it as d3 within your script as usual:

    d3.selectAll("div").style("color", "red");

What about conflicts with the real D3?

If you're having conflicts with D3, then you don't need to use electron-d3.

Why exactly doesn't it run with Electron as expected?

The issue is on the second last line with d3.js:

if (typeof define === "function" && define.amd) this.d3 = d3, define(d3); else if (typeof module === "object" && module.exports) module.exports = d3; else this.d3 = d3;

This line is a good thing. It runs the AMD version if it's supported, otherwise it runs the require('d3') support, and if all else fails it puts D3 onto the window object. module.exports and require() is supported with Electron so you are required (pun intended) to require() it to gain access, for example:

var d3 = require('path/to/d3.js');

If you're able to do the above, you should probably do that instead. In my case I was not easily able to.