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Christopher Loessl hashier

iOS dev @appearin

Norway, Sweden and Germany

SudarshanReddy kurri sudarshanReddykurri

Mozillian, Unreal Game-Developer, Author & Developer @coderlogue, Web Developer, OpenSource Enthusiast India

Maneesh ManeeshChiba

I make cool stuff on the web

@NATIVEVML Johannesburg

Francisco Maria Calisto FMCalisto

Software Developer

INESC-ID Portugal

Jacques Marais JacquesMarais

RapidtSoftware Cape Town, South Africa

Kushal Jayswal kutec

Frontend Developer from India, WordPress Ninja, Coder, Thinker and Founder (


Mr. Outis MrOutis

Creating a bio...


Courtney Ivey oxocode

Senior Front-End Engineer at @thewirecutter

Wirecutter Los Angeles, CA

Elí De la Rosa oraymundo

Cedrox Santiago de Chile

Archie Makuwa Archie22is

Self-taught Web Developer based in Cape Town and sometimes Johannesburg, South Africa. If the internet was a human...

@TheBillPleaseZA & @tenacityworks Cape Town, South Africa

Longyue Li longyue0521

ELEX Technology Beijing, China

Daniel McClintock dmcclintock

aCreativeCollective Grand Rapids, MI

Marcelo Brito MarceloBritoWD

Search and Destroy

LTI - Laboratório de Tecnologia da Informação Campina Grande, PB, Brazil

Daria Babakova Kofaka

RetargetApp Ukraine, Kiev

JDVH exenin

ISMS South Africa

Jesse Burgheimer Down10

A dude from San Francisco who likes type and fiddling with front-end stuff on occasion.

DOWN10 San Francisco, CA, USA

Tairema Dailey tairemad

Front-End Developer based out of Boston, MA.

United States

Ryan P.C. McQuen ryanpcmcquen

I make infinite loops.

Everett, WA

Bünyamin bsevgin

Web Developer & Freelancer


Jared Carson carsonjared

Making Websites Great Again @nouveaustudios since 2010 - Thank you God for the good. - #TRUMP2016 - #MAGA

nouveau New York

Shaun O'Connell ndorfin

Abletech Wellington, New Zealand

R. Selçuk Saydam rssems

Product Designer at Facebook

Facebook Bay Area, CA