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A PowerShell module to publish code coverage to using Pester


Decide which files you want to have covered (similar to the way Pester handles it).

$files = @('Helpers\PoshGit.ps1','Helpers\Prompt.ps1','install.ps1')

You could also use Get-ChildItem with wildcards instead.

$files = Get-ChildItem * -Include *.ps1,*.psm1

Get the infomation and publish it to

$token = 'BHJjjgRTHGgs776BGTYcdcjJT987jjGG'
$coverage = Format-Coverage -Include $files -CoverallsApiToken $token
Publish-Coverage -Coverage $coverage

If you run you tests outside of the root folder of your repository, you need to specify it's location so that Coveralls can find the files and display the information nicely.

$coverage = Format-Coverage -Include $files -CoverallsApiToken $token -RootFolder ../

In case your CI does not allow you to fetch the branchname due to a checkout on a commit, you can specify it otherwise. This example uses Appveyor's environment variables.

$coverage = Format-Coverage -Include $files -CoverallsApiToken $token -BranchName $ENV:APPVEYOR_REPO_BRANCH

It's also possible to include a Pester result not to have to run Pester twice. Just provide the result and your good to go (make sure it has the code coverage included).

$coverage = Format-Coverage -PesterResults $result -CoverallsApiToken $token