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The implementation of stepper motor controller in FPGA.
The main development work is made in the branch "develop".

The structure of the repository:

Name of folder Content
source/ The source in VHDL
simulation/ ".do" files for simulation in Modelsim
testbench/ ".vhdl" testbench files for simulation
synth_c4/ synthesis in Altera Cyclone C4
synth_c5/ synthesis in Altera Cyclone C5

The main component is 1 Axis controller.

  • Input: Velocity 16 bit signed
  • Output: 4 PWM outputs for driving 2 phases of stepper motor.
  • Feedback: 32 register signed, position

The run time parameters:

  • microsteps/step (from 1 to 16)
  • Ramp (allowed changes of actual velocity pro one system tick)

The compile time parameters:

  • System Tick (Freq when the new velocity will be calculated)
  • PWM Output freq