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A business card showing information for a single contact.
This control serves as the View for an individual contact model. The model
doesn't actually have to be an object of class Contact; the model just needs
to expose getter/setter properties for name(), email(), etc.
This call mostly serves to bind together the two different UIs for read mode
and edit mode; those classes do the actual work of displaying and manipulating
the contact data.
class window.ContactCard extends Card
# The Editable control gives us read and edit modes, which will be handled
# by the DetailsReader and DetailsEditor controls, respectively.
control: Editable
ref: "editable"
readClass: "DetailsReader"
editClass: "DetailsEditor"
contact: Control.chain "$editable", "content"
# The card's edit state is delegated to (and managed by) the Editable control.
editing: Control.chain( "$editable", "editing", ( editing ) ->
if editing
# When switching to edit mode, by default put focus in name field.
@$editable().editControl().focusField "name"
initialize: ->
@click ( event ) =>
cancel: => @$editable().cancel()
fieldClick: ( event, fieldName ) =>
# The user clicked a field on the card. If the card is selected but not
# yet in edit mode, switch to edit mode and put the focus in that field.
if @editing()
@$editable().editControl().focusField fieldName
save: => @$editable().save()
# The list box invokes this when a card becomes selected or deselected.
selected: ( selected ) ->
if !selected and @editing()
@$editable().cancel() # Deselecting implicitly cancels editing.
# If we're selected but not editing yet, switch to editing.
_editIfNotEditing: ->
if @selected() and !@editing()
@editing true