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Base class for the two classes, DetailsReader and DetailsEditor, which are used
to implement the read and edit modes, respectively, on a contact card. The
shared aspects of the modes' layout and API is represented in this shared base
class window.ContactDetails extends Control
# Arrange content into two simple columns that can be populated by subclasses.
content: [
{ html: "div", ref: "left" }
{ html: "div", ref: "main" }
# The contact() property lets us set all the fields at once. Defining this
# with lets us keep a reference to the Contact object that
# was passed in.
contact: ( contact ) ->
# Define the main content() of a ContactDetails to be the contact.
content: Control.chain "contact"
# Expose the left and main regions as properties for use by subclasses.
left: Control.chain "$left", "content"
main: Control.chain "$main", "content"
# The base ContactDetails class exposes an API with getter/setter functions
# for address(), email(), etc., but leaves it subclasses to actually define
# where those values will be displayed. The Control.chain() helper generates
# a function that will set/get the content of the element/control with the
# given reference.
address: Control.chain "$address", "content"
email: Control.chain "$email", "content"
name: Control.chain "$name", "content"
phone: Control.chain "$phone", "content"
photo: Control.chain( "$photo", "prop/src", ( photo ) ->
# Hide img if photo is null; can't just set src to empty string.
# See
@$photo().toggle photo isnt null
# (Re)load the contact data into the control's fields. This is done when the
# contact is set, or when the control wants to update the displayed values in
# response to contact changes.
refresh: ->
contact = @contact()
# To invoke setters, we pass an empty value if the field is undefined.
@name ? ""
@email ? ""
@address contact.address() ? ""
@phone ? ""
@photo ? null