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A list of contact business cards.
This is simply a ListBox that represents its list item as ContactCard controls.
A ListBox derives from List, which will takes care of populating a ContactCard
for each item in the list. The ListBox class adds support for selection. So
defining a list box of contact cards involves very little code.
class window.ContactListBox extends ListBox
# We'll style this list box ourselves, so we don't need its generic style.
generic: false
# Similarly, we'll opt out of standard list item highlighting colors.
highlightSelection: false
# Each item in the list should be represented as a ContactCard control.
itemClass: "ContactCard"
# The list item (the model) will be passed to a card's contact() property.
mapFunction: "contact"
initialize: ->
# Wire up some keyboard behavior
$( document ).keydown ( event ) =>
# See if the key was within the list box.
containsTarget = ( this[0] is or $.contains( this[0], ) )
if containsTarget
switch event.which
when 13 # Enter
if @selectedControl()?.editing() == false
@selectedControl().editing true
when 27 # Esc
@selectedControl null # Cancel selection
when 46 # Del
if @selectedControl()?.editing() == false
"cancel save": =>
# User is done editing a card. Take focus back so user can continue
# to navigate with keyboard.
selectedControl: ( selectedControl ) ->
result = super selectedControl
if selectedControl isnt undefined
# When selecting a control, keep the list selected.
# Override the ListBox._controlClick() method, which is invoked when the
# user clicks on a card in the list.
_controlClick: ( control ) ->
if @selectedControl()?.editing()
return @ # Absorb any clicks made while a card is being edited.
super control # Do the normal thing (select the clicked card).