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Edit mode for contact information
Provides the various input fields and some keyboard handling.
class window.DetailsEditor extends ContactDetails
left: [
{ html: "div", ref: "photoContainer", content:
{ html: "img", ref: "photo" }
control: BasicButton, ref: "buttonDelete", generic: false, content:
# Trash icon from Iconic icon set.
"<img src='resources/trash_stroke_16x16.png' title='Delete contact'/>"
main: [
control: ValidatingTextBox,
placeholder: "Name"
ref: "name"
required: true
validateOnBlur: false
validateOnSet: false
{ control: TextBox, ref: "email", class: "optional", placeholder: "Email" }
control: AutoSizeTextBox
ref: "address"
class: "optional"
minimumLines: 2
placeholder: "Address"
{ control: TextBox, ref: "phone", class: "optional", placeholder: "Phone" }
html: "div", ref: "buttonPanel", content: [
{ control: BasicButton, ref: "buttonSave", content: "Save", class: "prominent" }
{ control: BasicButton, ref: "buttonCancel", content: "Cancel" }
# Cancel any edit in progress.
cancel: ->
if @contact().isNew()
@trigger "cancel"
delete: ->
# Set the focus to the input or textarea with the given named field.
focusField: ( fieldName ) ->
control = @[ "$" + fieldName ]()
control.find( "input, textarea" ).andSelf().focus()
initialize: ->
# Wire up event handlers.
# The keyboard and click handlers triggered here in edit mode generally
# override the behavior provided by the overall card and the list box,
# hence the need to stop these events from propagating up.
@$buttonCancel().click ( event ) =>
@$buttonDelete().click ( event ) =>
@$buttonSave().click ( event ) =>
# In the keyboard handlers, we check to see if we're still visible before
# deciding whether to handle. Right after leaving edit mode, the keyboard
# focus may still be in one of this control's fields, even though this
# control itself is hidden.
@find( "input" ).keydown ( event ) =>
# Pressing Enter in single-line input fields saves the contact.
if @is( ":visible" ) and event.which == 13 # Enter
@keydown ( event ) =>
if @is( ":visible" )
if event.which == 27 # Esc
@$name().keyup ( event ) =>
if @is( ":visible" )
@find( ".optional, .optional input, .optional textarea" ).focus =>
# When focus moves into an optional field, validate the name field.
# We don't do this simply when the name field blurs, because then a click
# on Cancel would validate, and that'd be annoying.
@$name().validate true
name: ( name ) ->
result = super name
if name isnt undefined
# Save the contact data to the model.
save: ->
contact = @contact()
name: @name()
email: @email()
address: @address()
phone: @phone()
@trigger "save"
# If the user changed the name, the save() operation may cause the contact
# to be resorted, which will cause this card to be removed. So do the save
# last, and don't try to manipulate the card afterwards.
# See if we've got a valid contact
_validate: ->
@$buttonSave().disabled !@$name().valid()