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A field (e.g., text) with an adjacent button that launches a page/app based on
the field's current contents.
The button is only shown if the content is non-empty.
class window.FieldLauncher extends Control
content: [
{ html: "span", ref: "FieldLauncher_content" }
control: BasicButton
ref: "launchButton"
class: "transient"
generic: false
content: Control.chain( "$FieldLauncher_content", "content", ( content ) ->
# Hide button if content is empty
@$launchButton().toggle content? and content.length > 0
initialize: ->
@$launchButton().click ( event ) => @launchUrl()
# The content of the launch button
launchButtonContent: Control.chain "$launchButton", "content"
# The URL to launch when the button is clicked. By default this opens the
# content in the browser as is, generally triggering the user's search engine.
# This can be overridden in subclasses.
launchUrl: -> @content()