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General control unit tests
$ ->
test "Create: from scratch", ->
$c = Control.create()
equal $c.attr( "class" ), "Control"
equal $c.classes, "Control"
equal $c.control()[0] is $c[0], true
test "Create: instantiate subclass", ->
A = Control.sub className: "A"
$a = A.create()
equal $a.classes, "A Control"
test "Create: instantiate sub-subclass", ->
A = Control.sub className: "A"
B = A.sub className: "B"
$b = B.create()
equal $b.classes, "B A Control"
test "Create: set properties on constructor", ->
$c = Control.create text: "Hello"
equal $c.text(), "Hello"
test "control() on existing div", ->
$element = $ "<div/>"
$c = $element.control Control
equal $c.attr( "class" ), "Control"
equal $element.control()[0] is $c[0], true
test "control() on multiple divs", ->
MyControl = Control.sub className: "MyControl"
$elements = $().add( "<div/>" ).add( "<div/>" )
$c = $elements.control MyControl
equal $c.control().length, 2
test "control() set properties", ->
$element = $ "<div/>"
$c = Control.createAt $element
$element.control text: "Hello"
equal $c.text(), "Hello"
test "control() incorporate existing DOM content", ->
MyControl = Control.sub
className: "MyControl"
content: [
{ html: "<span/>", ref: "MyControl_content" }
MyControl::content = Control.chain "$MyControl_content", "content"
$original = $ "<div><div>Hello</div><div>world</div></div>"
$children = $original.children()
$c = MyControl.createAt $children
equal $c.text(), "*Hello**world*"
test "control() on existing content preserves existing control", ->
MyControl = Control.sub className: "MyControl"
$original = $( "<div><div id='subcontrol'/></div>" )
$subcontrol = $original.find( "#subcontrol" ).control MyControl
$c = $original.control Control
$sub = $c.find( "#subcontrol" ).control()
equal $sub.attr( "class" ), "MyControl Control"
test "initialize() called", ->
MyControl = Control.sub
className: "MyControl"
initialize: -> @initialized true
$c = MyControl.create()
ok $c.initialized()
test "initialize() implicityly invokes super's initialize()", ->
Base = Control.sub
className: "Base"
initialize: -> @baseInitialized true
Sub = Base.sub
className: "Sub"
initialize: -> @subInitialized true
$c = Sub.create()
ok $c.subInitialized()
ok $c.baseInitialized()
test ":control filter", ->
$c = Control.create()
$d = $ "<div/>"
$combined = $c.add $d
ok $ ":control"
ok $d.not ":control"
ok $ ":control"
ok $combined.filter( ":control" ).length is 1 and $combined.filter( ":control" )[0] is $c[0]
test "transmute: existing tag doesn't match desired tag", ->
MyButton = Control.sub
className: "MyButton"
tag: "button"
c = Control.create "Hello"
equal c[0].nodeName.toLowerCase(), "div"
c = c.transmute MyButton, true
equal c[0].nodeName.toLowerCase(), "button"
equal c.text(), "Hello"
test "transmute: content contains a subcontrol", ->
subcontrol = Control.create()
c = Control.create
content: subcontrol
equal subcontrol.controlClass(), Control
c.transmute Control, true
equal subcontrol.controlClass(), Control
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