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# This function copies an entire subscription from a source management group to a target one. If the subscription or one of its referenced subscribers and channels already exist in the target MG, they are re-used, else they are created.
# The function currently only supports a single mail or command channel notification-action!
# You need to run this function with an account that has admin rights in both environments!
# Copy-cSCOMSubscription -subscription "mysubscription" -source scom-dev-server -target scom-prod-server
function Copy-cSCOMSubscription
# the display-name of the subscription to copy
# The hostname of a SCOM management server belonging to the source Management Group
# The hostname of a SCOM management server belonging to the target Management Group
$ErrorActionPreference = "stop"
# import the SCOM module to obtain the standard cmdlets
if($root = Get-ItemPropertyValue -Path "HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\System Center Operations Manager\12\Setup\Console" -Name InstallDirectory -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue){
if(!(get-module -name operationsmanager)){
import-module "$root\..\Powershell\OperationsManager\OperationsManager.psm1"
} else {
throw "SCOM module not found"
# create empty subscription, subscriber and channel vars
$ch = $null
$ss = @()
$sub = $null
# get the source subscription
$sourcesub = Get-SCOMNotificationSubscription -DisplayName "$($subscription)" -computername $source
# check if the first defined channel used in the source subscription already exists in the target MG (based on displayname).
# If it does, it is reused, else a new one is created using the same parameters as the source one. Only supports mail or command channels currently.
if(($ch = Get-SCOMNotificationChannel -DisplayName $sourcesub.Actions[0].DisplayName -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -computername $target) -ne $null){
} else {
if($sourcesub.Actions[0].GetType().Name -eq 'CommandNotificationAction'){
$ch = Add-SCOMNotificationChannel -computername $target -Name $sourcesub.Actions[0].Name -DisplayName $sourcesub.Actions[0].DisplayName -Argument $sourcesub.Actions[0].CommandLine -ApplicationPath $sourcesub.Actions[0].ApplicationName -WorkingDirectory $sourcesub.Actions[0].WorkingDirectory
elseif($sourcesub.Actions[0].GetType().Name -eq 'SmtpNotificationAction'){
$ch = Add-SCOMNotificationChannel -computername $target -Name $sourcesub.Actions[0].Name -DisplayName $sourcesub.Actions[0].DisplayName -Subject $sourcesub.Actions[0].Subject -Body $sourcesub.Actions[0].Body -From $sourcesub.Actions[0].From -Server $SourceSub.Actions[0].Endpoint.PrimaryServer.Address -ReplyTo $sourcesub.Actions[0].From
# parse through all the subscription receipients aka subscribers. Add existing ones to the empty array $ss. If a source subscriber does not exist, it is created with the correct
foreach($i in $sourcesub.ToRecipients){
if(($j = Get-SCOMNotificationSubscriber -computername $target -Name $i.Name -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -ne $null){
$ss += $j
} else {
# to simplify the subscriber creation code, we add a dummy value which we replace later by the real subscriber device (mail, command).
$j = Add-SCOMNotificationSubscriber -DeviceList "dummy@dummy.dummy" -Name $i.Name -computername $target
$action += New-Object -TypeName Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Administration.NotificationRecipientDevice -ArgumentList $($i.devices[0].Protocol),$($i.devices[0].Address)
$ = $i.devices[0].name
$ss += $j
# finally, we bring it all together in the subscription code.
# First we check if the subscription already exist (displayname)
# If it does, we only copy the subscription configuration (which alerts are forwarded) without touching subscribers and channels
# Else we create a new subscription using the channel and subscriber-array variables we populated, and fill in the gaps with values from the source subscription
# the alert criteria is always copied over as mentioned before
# the subscription is created in a disabled state, you should enable it manually with PS after optional validations
if(($sub = Get-SCOMNotificationSubscription -DisplayName $sourcesub.DisplayName -computername $target -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -ne $null){
$sub.configuration = $sourcesub.configuration
} else {
$sub = Add-SCOMNotificationSubscription -computername $target -Name $sourcesub.Name -Channel $ch -Disabled -Subscriber $ss -DisplayName $sourcesub.DisplayName -Delay 10 -Description $sourcesub.description -Criteria $sourcesub.configuration.criteria
$sub.configuration = $sourcesub.configuration
Copy-cSCOMSubscription -subscription "mysubscription" -source scom-dev-server -target scom-prod-server