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Now, select your login toggle (checkbox) and open the Bindings inspector in the Utilities pane. Expand `Value`, check the “Bind to”, and select the name of the `LLManager` object you created earlier. Set the key path to `launchAtLogin`. You’re done!
+## Notes
+Apple’s [Daemons and Services Programming Guide]( tells us the following under the heading “Adding Login Items Using the Service Management Framework”:
+> If multiple applications (for example, several applications from the same company) contain a helper application with the same bundle identifier, only the one with the greatest bundle version number is launched. Any of the applications that contain a copy of the helper application can enable and disable it.
+So we should make sure that our helper will have a monotonically increasing *bundle version number*. This is especially important for beta testing, where multiple bundles with the same bundle identifier may be available and the *version number* is the only thing differentiating them.
+You can use something like this bash script fragment:
+ echo -n "${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/${CONTENTS_FOLDER_PATH}/Library/LoginItems/" \
+ | xargs -0 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Set :CFBundleShortVersionString $VERSION_NUM"
+You will have to set $VERSION_NUM beforehand, of course. `PlistBuddy` is part of any Xcode install.
Special thanks to [Curtis Hard]( for offering some much needed advice on this project.

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