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* Diff Match and Patch
* Copyright 2010
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* Author: (Neil Fraser)
* ObjC port: (Jan Weiß)
CFStringRef diff_CFStringCreateFromUnichar(UniChar ch);
CF_INLINE CFStringRef diff_CFStringCreateSubstring(CFStringRef text, CFIndex start_index, CFIndex length) {
CFRange substringRange = {
.length = length,
.location = start_index,
CFStringRef substring = CFStringCreateWithSubstring(kCFAllocatorDefault, text, substringRange);
return substring;
CF_INLINE CFStringRef diff_CFStringCreateRightSubstring(CFStringRef text, CFIndex text_length, CFIndex new_length) {
return diff_CFStringCreateSubstring(text, text_length - new_length, new_length);
CF_INLINE CFStringRef diff_CFStringCreateLeftSubstring(CFStringRef text, CFIndex new_length) {
return diff_CFStringCreateSubstring(text, 0, new_length);
CF_INLINE CFStringRef diff_CFStringCreateSubstringWithStartIndex(CFStringRef text, CFIndex start_index) {
return diff_CFStringCreateSubstring(text, start_index, (CFStringGetLength(text) - start_index));
CF_INLINE CFStringRef diff_CFStringCreateJavaSubstring(CFStringRef s, CFIndex begin, CFIndex end) {
return diff_CFStringCreateSubstring(s, begin, end - begin);
CFIndex diff_commonPrefix(CFStringRef text1, CFStringRef text2);
CFIndex diff_commonSuffix(CFStringRef text1, CFStringRef text2);
CFIndex diff_commonOverlap(CFStringRef text1, CFStringRef text2);
CFArrayRef diff_halfMatchCreate(CFStringRef text1, CFStringRef text2, const float diffTimeout);
CFArrayRef diff_halfMatchICreate(CFStringRef longtext, CFStringRef shorttext, CFIndex i);
CFStringRef diff_linesToCharsMungeCFStringCreate(CFStringRef text, CFMutableArrayRef lineArray, CFMutableDictionaryRef lineHash);
CFStringRef diff_tokensToCharsMungeCFStringCreate(CFStringRef text, CFMutableArrayRef tokenArray, CFMutableDictionaryRef tokenHash, CFOptionFlags tokenizerOptions);
CFStringRef diff_wordsToCharsMungeCFStringCreate(CFStringRef text, CFMutableArrayRef tokenArray, CFMutableDictionaryRef tokenHash);
CFStringRef diff_sentencesToCharsMungeCFStringCreate(CFStringRef text, CFMutableArrayRef tokenArray, CFMutableDictionaryRef tokenHash);
CFStringRef diff_paragraphsToCharsMungeCFStringCreate(CFStringRef text, CFMutableArrayRef tokenArray, CFMutableDictionaryRef tokenHash);
CFStringRef diff_lineBreakDelimiteredToCharsMungeCFStringCreate(CFStringRef text, CFMutableArrayRef tokenArray, CFMutableDictionaryRef tokenHash);
CFStringRef diff_charsToTokenCFStringCreate(CFStringRef charsString, CFArrayRef tokenArray);
CFIndex diff_cleanupSemanticScore(CFStringRef one, CFStringRef two);
CF_INLINE void diff_CFStringPrepareUniCharBuffer(CFStringRef string, const UniChar **string_chars, UniChar **string_buffer, CFRange string_range) {
*string_chars = CFStringGetCharactersPtr(string);
if (*string_chars == NULL) {
// Fallback in case CFStringGetCharactersPtr() didn’t work.
*string_buffer = malloc(string_range.length * sizeof(UniChar));
CFStringGetCharacters(string, string_range, *string_buffer);
*string_chars = *string_buffer;
#define CFIndexArrayLastValueIndex (CFArrayGetCount(theArray)-1)
CF_INLINE CFIndex diff_CFArrayLastValueAsCFIndex(CFMutableArrayRef theArray) {
return (CFIndex)CFArrayGetValueAtIndex(theArray, CFIndexArrayLastValueIndex);
CF_INLINE void diff_CFArrayRemoveLastValue(CFMutableArrayRef theArray) {
CFArrayRemoveValueAtIndex(theArray, CFIndexArrayLastValueIndex);
#undef CFIndexArrayLastValueIndex
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