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This is a '''list of newspapers published by [[Journal Register Company]]'''.
The company owns daily and weekly newspapers, other print media properties and newspaper-affiliated local Websites in the [[U.S.]] states of [[Connecticut]], [[Michigan]], [[New York]], [[Ohio]], [[Pennsylvania]] and [[New Jersey]], organized in six geographic "clusters":<ref>[ Journal Register Company: Our Publications], accessed April 21, 2010.</ref>
== Capital-Saratoga ==
Three dailies, associated weeklies and [[pennysaver]]s in greater [[Albany, New York]]; also [] and [].
* ''The Oneida Daily Dispatch'' {{WS|}} of [[Oneida, New York]]
* ''[[The Record (Troy)|The Record]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Troy, New York]]
* ''[[The Saratogian]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Saratoga Springs, New York]]
* Weeklies:
** ''Community News'' {{WS|}} weekly of [[Clifton Park, New York]]
** ''Rome Observer'' {{WS|}} of [[Rome, New York]]
** ''WG Life '' {{WS|}} of [[Wilton, New York]]
** ''Ballston Spa Life '' {{WS|}} of [[Ballston Spa, New York]]
** ''Greenbush Life'' {{WS|}} of [[Troy, New York]]
** ''Latham Life'' {{WS|}} of [[Latham, New York]]
** ''River Life'' {{WS|}} of [[Troy, New York]]
== Connecticut ==
Three dailies, associated weeklies and [[pennysaver]]s in the state of [[Connecticut]]; also [], [] and [].
* ''The Middletown Press'' {{WS|}} of [[Middletown, Connecticut|Middletown]]
* ''[[New Haven Register]]'' {{WS|}} of [[New Haven, Connecticut|New Haven]]
* ''The Register Citizen'' {{WS|}} of [[Torrington, Connecticut|Torrington]]
* Housatonic Publications
** ''The Housatonic Times'' {{WS|}} of [[New Milford, Connecticut|New Milford]]
** ''Litchfield County Times'' {{WS|}} of [[Litchfield, Connecticut|Litchfield]]
* Minuteman Publications
** ''[[Fairfield Minuteman]]'' {{WS|}}of [[Fairfield, Connecticut|Fairfield]]
** ''The Westport Minuteman'' {{WS|}} of [[Westport, Connecticut|Westport]]
* Shoreline Newspapers
** ''The Dolphin'' {{WS|}} of [[Naval Submarine Base New London]] in [[New London, Connecticut|New London]]
** ''Shoreline Times'' {{WS|}} of [[Guilford, Connecticut|Guilford]]
* Foothills Media Group {{WS|}}
** ''Thomaston Express'' {{WS|}} of [[Thomaston, Connecticut|Thomaston]]
** ''Good News About Torrington'' {{WS|}} of [[Torrington, Connecticut|Torrington]]
** ''Granby News'' {{WS|}} of [[Granby, Connecticut|Granby]]
** ''Canton News'' {{WS|}} of [[Canton, Connecticut|Canton]]
** ''Avon News'' {{WS|}} of [[Avon, Connecticut|Avon]]
** ''Simsbury News'' {{WS|}} of [[Simsbury, Connecticut|Simsbury]]
** ''Litchfield News'' {{WS|}} of [[Litchfield, Connecticut|Litchfield]]
** ''Foothills Trader'' {{WS|}} of Torrington, Bristol, Canton
* Other weeklies
** ''The Milford-Orange Bulletin'' {{WS|}} of [[Orange, Connecticut|Orange]]
** ''The Post-Chronicle'' {{WS|}} of [[North Haven, Connecticut|North Haven]]
** ''West Hartford News'' {{WS|}} of [[West Hartford, Connecticut|West Hartford]]
* Magazines
** ''The Connecticut Bride'' {{WS|}}
** ''Connecticut Magazine'' {{WS|}}
** ''Passport Magazine'' {{WS|}}
== Michigan ==
Four dailies, associated weeklies and [[pennysaver]]s in the state of [[Michigan]]; also [] and []
* ''[[Oakland Press]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Oakland, Michigan|Oakland]]
* ''Daily Tribune'' {{WS|}} of [[Royal Oak, Michigan|Royal Oak]]
* ''Macomb Daily'' {{WS|}} of [[Mt. Clemens, Michigan|Mt. Clemens]]
* ''[[Morning Sun]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Mount Pleasant, Michigan|Mount Pleasant]]
* Heritage Newspapers {{WS|}}
** ''Belleville View'' {{WS|}}
** ''Ile Camera'' {{WS|}}
** ''Monroe Guardian'' {{WS|}}
** ''Ypsilanti Courier'' {{WS|}}
** ''News-Herald'' {{WS|}}
** ''Press & Guide'' {{WS|}}
** ''Chelsea Standard & Dexter Leader'' {{WS|}}
** ''Manchester Enterprise'' {{WS|}}
** ''Milan News-Leader'' {{WS|}}
** ''Saline Reporter'' {{WS|}}
* Independent Newspapers
** ''Advisor'' {{WS|}}
** ''Source'' {{WS|}}
* Morning Star {{WS|}}
** ''The Leader & Kalkaskian'' {{WS|}}
** ''Grand Traverse Insider'' {{WS|}}
** ''Alma Reminder''
** ''Alpena Star''
** ''Ogemaw/Oscoda County Star''
** ''Presque Isle Star''
** ''St. Johns Reminder''
* Voice Newspapers {{WS|}}
** ''Armada Times''
** ''Bay Voice''
** ''Blue Water Voice''
** ''Downriver Voice''
** ''Macomb Township Voice''
** ''North Macomb Voice''
** ''Weekend Voice''
== Mid-Hudson ==
One daily, associated magazines in the [[Hudson River Valley]] of [[New York]]; also [] and [].
* ''[[Daily Freeman]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Kingston, New York]]
* ''Las Noticias'' {{WS|}} of [[Kingston, New York]]
== Ohio ==
Two dailies, associated magazines and three shared Websites, all in the state of [[Ohio]]: [], [] and [].
* ''[[The News-Herald (Ohio)|The News-Herald]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Willoughby, Ohio|Willoughby]]
* ''[[The Morning Journal]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Lorain, Ohio|Lorain]]
* ''El Latino Expreso'' {{WS|}} of [[Lorain, Ohio|Lorain]]
== Philadelphia area ==
Seven dailies and associated weeklies and magazines in [[Pennsylvania]] and [[New Jersey]], and associated Websites: [], [], [], and [].
* ''[[The Daily Local News]]'' {{WS|}} of [[West Chester, Pennsylvania|West Chester]]
* ''[[Delaware County Daily and Sunday Times]] {{WS|}} of Primos [[Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania]]
* ''[[The Mercury (Pennsylvania)|The Mercury]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Pottstown, Pennsylvania|Pottstown]]
* ''[[The Reporter (Lansdale)|The Reporter]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Lansdale, Pennsylvania|Lansdale]]
* ''The Times Herald'' {{WS|}} of [[Norristown, Pennsylvania|Norristown]]
* ''[[The Trentonian]]'' {{WS|}} of [[Trenton, New Jersey]]
* Weeklies
* ''The Phoenix'' {{WS|}} of [[Phoenixville, Pennsylvania]]
** ''El Latino Expreso'' {{WS|}} of [[Trenton, New Jersey]]
** ''La Voz'' {{WS|}} of [[Norristown, Pennsylvania]]
** ''The Tri County Record'' {{WS|}} of [[Morgantown, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Penny Pincher'' {{WS|}}of [[Pottstown, Pennsylvania]]
* Chesapeake Publishing {{WS|}}
** ''The Kennett Paper'' {{WS|}} of [[Kennett Square, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Avon Grove Sun'' {{WS|}} of [[West Grove, Pennsylvania]]
** ''The Central Record'' {{WS|}} of [[Medford, New Jersey]]
** ''Maple Shade Progress'' {{WS|}} of [[Maple Shade, New Jersey]]
* Intercounty Newspapers {{WS|}} {{WS|}}
** ''The Pennington Post'' {{WS|}} of [[Pennington, New Jersey]]
** ''The Bristol Pilot'' {{WS|}} of [[Bristol, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Yardley News'' {{WS|}} of [[Yardley, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Advance of Bucks County'' {{WS|}} of [[Newtown, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Record Breeze'' {{WS|}} of [[Berlin, New Jersey]]
** ''Community News'' {{WS|}} of [[Pemberton, New Jersey]]
* Montgomery Newspapers {{WS|}}
** ''Ambler Gazette'' {{WS|}} of [[Ambler, Pennsylvania]]
** ''The Colonial'' {{WS|}} of [[Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Glenside News'' {{WS|}} of [[Glenside, Pennsylvania]]
** ''The Globe'' {{WS|}} of [[Lower Moreland Township, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Montgomery Life'' {{WS|}} of [[Fort Washington, Pennsylvania]]
** ''North Penn Life'' {{WS|}} of [[Lansdale, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Perkasie News Herald'' {{WS|}} of [[Perkasie, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Public Spirit'' {{WS|}} of [[Hatboro, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Souderton Independent'' {{WS|}} of [[Souderton, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Springfield Sun'' {{WS|}} of [[Springfield, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Spring-Ford Reporter'' {{WS|}} of [[Royersford, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Times Chronicle'' {{WS|}} of [[Jenkintown, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Valley Item'' {{WS|}} of [[Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Willow Grove Guide'' {{WS|}} of [[Willow Grove, Pennsylvania]]
** ''The Review'' {{WS|}} of [[Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]]
* Main Line Media News {{WS|}}
** ''Main Line Times'' {{WS|}} of [[Ardmore, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Main Line Life'' {{WS|}} of [[Ardmore, Pennsylvania]]
** ''The King of Prussia Courier'' {{WS|}} of [[King of Prussia, Pennsylvania]]
* Delaware County News Network {{WS|}}
** ''News of Delaware County'' {{WS|}} of [[Havertown, Pennsylvania]]
** ''County Press'' {{WS|}} of [[Newtown Square, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Garnet Valley Press'' {{WS|}} of [[Glen Mills, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Springfield Press'' {{WS|}} of [[Springfield, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Town Talk'' {{WS|}} of [[Ridley, Pennsylvania]]
* Berks-Mont Newspapers {{WS|}}
** ''The Boyertown Area Times'' {{WS|}} of [[Boyertown, Pennsylvania]]
** ''The Kutztown Area Patriot'' {{WS|}} of [[Kutztown, Pennsylvania]]
** ''The Hamburg Area Item'' {{WS|}} of [[Hamburg, Pennsylvania]]
** ''The Southern Berks News'' {{WS|}} of [[Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania]]
** ''Community Connection'' {{WS|}} of [[Boyertown, Pennsylvania]]
* Magazines
** ''Bucks Co. Town & Country Living'' {{WS|}}
** ''Parents Express'' {{WS|}}
** ''Real Men, Rednecks'' {{WS|}}
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