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Fixing typo in comment.

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commit a4b44884781dddadc96e3180939d05fa4ad92f69 1 parent 8b02dfb
@JanX2 authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  DiffMatchPatch.m
2  DiffMatchPatch.m
@@ -755,7 +755,7 @@ - (NSMutableArray *)diff_bisectOfOldString:(NSString *)_text1
UniChar *text1_buffer = NULL;
diff_CFStringPrepareUniCharBuffer(text1, &text1_chars, &text1_buffer, CFRangeMake(0, text1_length));
- // Prepare access to chars arrays for text 2 (massive speedup).
+ // Prepare access to chars arrays for text2 (massive speedup).
const UniChar *text2_chars;
UniChar *text2_buffer = NULL;
diff_CFStringPrepareUniCharBuffer(text2, &text2_chars, &text2_buffer, CFRangeMake(0, text2_length));
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