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Salt polygons are caused by convection

Project description

Reproducible ṕaper by Jana Lasser, Open Science Fellow 2019/20. A preprint of the original paper can be found here (ArXiV version).

Project progress is documented in a public Trello-Board. Learnings and accumulated knowledge can be found in a public pad.


This project is financed by the Wikimedia foundation and the Stifterverband. I would like to thank my Open Science mentor Isabella Peters for continued support and helpful input throughout the time I worked on this project.


CC-BY-SA 4.0

Explore the notebook

Loading in binder

  • To explore the executable paper, click on the Binder-link below. This will enable you to try the executable paper (including Code execution and interactive elements) without installing something locally on your computer.
  • Note: if you click on the binder link for the first time, the project will take a few minutes to load in binder (~5 min). In the meantime you will have access to a static version of the notebook that you can browse.
  • While in the notebook, you are free to change anything you want to change - you cannot break anything in the repository (just in your binder version).


Tips for working in the notebook

  • To run a code cell, press SHIFT+ENTER
  • You can navigate in the notebook by scrolling or pressing the up/down arrows.
  • some code cells depend on results from code cells above them (for example cells that process data that was loaded in a previous cell).
  • It is recommended to run all cells once (click on the tab "Run" in the top navigation bar and then "Run all cells"). This will also take a couple of seconds to execute.
  • You can jump to different sections of the notebook by using the fully linked table of contents at the top. You can also jump back to the table of contents by clicking the "table of contents" link that is embedded below every section and figure.


Executable scientific publication about the origin of salt polygons in salt deserts






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