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Dart + Firebase = ♥ demo

Demo app for the Dart Dev Summit 2016. The application is written in Dart and uses the Firebase library.

Dart + Firebase App

Before running

Your credentials

Before running the app, update the web/main.dart file with your Firebase project's credentials:

      apiKey: "TODO",
      authDomain: "TODO",
      databaseURL: "TODO",
      storageBucket: "TODO");

Google login

Enable Google login in Firebase console under the Authentication/Sign-in method.

Database rules

Set database rules on who can access the database under the Database/Rules. More info on Database rules.

For example:

  "rules": {
    ".read": true,
    ".write": "auth != null"

Storage rules

Set storage rules on who can access the storage under the Storage/Rules. More info on Storage rules.

For example:

service firebase.storage {
  match /b/<YOUR_STORAGE_BUCKET>/o {
    match /{allPaths=**} {
      allow read;
      allow write: if request.auth != null;