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Howard Hughes Medical Institute

GitHub organization maintained by Scientific Computing at HHMI's Janelia Research Campus for use by HHMI staff and external collaborators.

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  1. JRCLUST Public


    MATLAB 31 24

  2. NIDAQ.jl Public

    National Instruments Data Acquisition Interface

    Julia 28 13

  3. Python bindings for OpenSceneGraph 3D graphics API, created using Boost.Python and Py++

    C++ 15 6

  4. SharkViewer is a web-based viewer for SWC neuron files. It is written entirely in JavaScript using Three.js.

    JavaScript 15 6

  5. A Matlab application for electrophysiology data analysis

    MATLAB 14 9

  6. msg Public

    Multiplexed Shotgun Genotyping

    Python 11 9


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