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HELP: Menu Position Fluctuating - IE Compatibility Issue! #24

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I am using the "Multiple on Same Page" script in order to build a static website, and have run into html anchoring issue with Internet Explorer. If you'd be kind enough to visit this page on IE:

and navigate through different main tabs, you'd realize vertical position of the page keeps fluctuating. The third option (Learn the Facts) and the 6th option (Get Involved) tend to stay down with the pages header visible, but the rest of the pages tend scrolls up as it opens up the anchored page.

The first time I worked with the script, I noticed that inline-block for the menu's li tags wasn't working. I floated li's to left, and set display to block for a tags. That's probably only functional change that I made as far as the main menu is concerned.

I can understand that IE pushes the html anchor to the top of the page, but why would it be so inconsistent?
If someone could share his/her insight on this, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Have you been able to figure this out? This sounds like an issue with the styling, which is outside the scope of the plugin since it leaves the styling to you (the CSS in the docs is only provided as an example to get people started).


Closing this since I never heard anything back, I'm assuming this was just a CSS issue and not with easytabs itself.

@JangoSteve JangoSteve closed this
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