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  • [NEW] Added ability to use custom markup for panels, no longer need to be divs.


  • [FIX] Fixed default-tab activation with nested tabs.


  • [NEW] Added nested tab capability, compatible with history, back- and forward-buttons, and bookmarking.



  • [FIX] Fixed issue where setting heights for height transition animations conflicted with panels containing content that could change height due to JS interaction.


  • [FIX] Fixed bugs with new height transition feature concerning weird browser styles and conflicting with collapsible option.
  • [NEW] Added demo for new v2.2 features.


  • [NEW] Added graceful height transition between panels of differing heights.
  • [NEW] Added graceful height transition between panels of differing heights.


  • [FIX] Fixed bug with new collapsible option when no options passed into init


  • [NEW] Added useful parameters to event callbacks


  • [NEW] Added "uiTabs" option, which makes it easy to switch from jQuery-UI tabs without needing to restructure HTML or rewrite any CSS styles
  • [NEW] Added ability to cancel tab switching in "easytabs:before" event, as requested in this feature request
  • [NEW] Added "collapsible" option, which allows active panels to be collapsed when clicked, as requested in this feature request
  • [NEW] Added "collapsedClass" and "collapsedByDefault" options to allow customization of collapsible behavior


  • [FIXED] Fixed bug when panel div has id="data"


  • [FIXED] Fixed IE bug and made more robust to work with links with both parameters and hash specified


  • [CHANGED] Changed .easyTabs() to .easytabs() with no capitalization
  • [NEW] Added "easytabs:before" and "easytabs:after" events to easytabs container elements
  • [NEW] Added "easytabs:midTransition" event, which occurs after the first panel is hidden and before the second one is shown
  • [NEW] Added public method "select", called with $(el).easytabs('select', '#tab-two'); to change tabs directly
    • Public "select" method can now be passed with tab-selector, tab-link-selector, or tab-link-href
  • [FIXED] Resolved conflicts with using hashchange to enable back button with multiple easytab containers on one page
  • [FIXED] Bug fix: exclude links from tab-set which don't have a matching target panel
  • [NEW] Namespaced click binding for tabs. now binds to click.easytabs, so a simple $(el).unbind('easytabs') will undo all bindings.
  • [FIXED] Bug fix: cycle interval was acting in parallel with animation speed, instead of queuing. Caused weird bug if interval set smaller than transition time.
  • [FIXED] Bug fix: cycling was updating hash, causing back-button build-up
  • [FIXED] Bug fix: animation queue was not being interrupted if tabs were clicked faster than transition was happening
  • [FIXED] Bug fix: URL rewriting overwriting parameters in URL
  • [NEW] Added CHANGELOG ;-)