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Version Compatibility

| Version of remotipart.js | is compatible with versions of rails.js* |
|        <= 0.3.1          |                      <= 498b35e24cdb14f2 |
|           0.3.2          |  > 498b35e24cdb14f2, <= 7f2acc1811f62877 |
|           0.3.3          |  > 7f2acc1811f62877, <= d2abd6f9df4e4a42 |
|        >= 0.3.4          |  > d2abd6f9df4e4a42                      |  (current version of rails.js)

*rails.js versions (For a full list of Rails.js]versions and diffs, see Rails jQuery UJS Changelog):

Installation for Remotipart v0.3.x

Prerequisite: Make sure you have a supported jquery-ujs (rails.js) version from the previous section.

  1. Install the Remotipart gem

    • Add this line to your GEMFILE (add the correct version from previous section if needed)

    gem 'remotipart'
    • And run

    bundle install
  2. Run the Remotipart generator to add jquery.remotipart.js to public/javascripts/

    rails g remotipart
  3. Add the Javascript files for jQuery, the Rails jQuery driver, jQuery Form plugin, and Remotipart to your template, making sure to include jquery.remotipart.js after jQuery and the Rails jQuery driver

    <%= javascript_include_tag 'jquery-1.4.4.min', 'rails', 'jquery.form', 'jquery.remotipart' %>
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