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is it possible to make status bar for file upload through remotipart?

We are using it for image upload and this would be nice.


It's technically possible, but perhaps not practical. The latest ECMA spec has a FileUploader class which allows this very easily (I'm currently using it on one of my projects), but it only works in the latest browsers.

Remotipart uses the more backwards compatible iframe method though. It is possible to do a progress bar with the iframe method, but it's server-specific and a bit more involved. This plugin does file uploads with progress bar using the iframe method for Apache and Nginx servers on the back-end.

So, all that being said, if someone were willing to spearhead something similar which allowed for progress bars for apache and nginx servers, but which degraded gracefully for all other setups, I would be very interested in helping out and pulling it in.


Its working out of the box. I just installed the apache module and used Drogus jquery upload progress plugin.

Its working in newest Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

... IE 7 is ok too.


So you're saying that jquery plugin works with remotipart out of the box? If that's the case, can we close this issue and maybe just add a note to the readme?

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