Fix confilcts with other Gems #45

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If we use remotipart with wicked_pdf, the javascript returned by create.js.erb won't be executed after the request.

When using alias_method_chain, we let another gem to be able to override the "render" method on ActionController::Base.


Wow this fix just rescued me from wicked_pdf / remotipart hell! @JangoSteve Can we get this fix in and a new gem ver pushed out?

@ehoch ehoch referenced this pull request in sferik/rails_admin Dec 4, 2012

Jquery json error when using with wicked_pdf #1419


👍 This needs to be merged. Thanks @vivrass !


I'm glad my fix helped you guys.


Just wanted to +1 this. I can't figure out which gem of mine is conflicting, but this helped me after many many hours of googling and head-desking. Needs to be merged ASAP.


Oh I like this better anyway. Can you please rebase this without the .on commit since that's already been fixed in v1.0.3?


Thank you for the answer. I just rebased my branch on master.

@JangoSteve JangoSteve merged commit b0073a1 into JangoSteve:master Feb 9, 2013
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