Some scripts for reading and displaying adx345 accelerometer readings.
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Part of an old project of mine to read and display adx345 accelerometer readings on display.

The idea was to use Arduino and adx345 accelerometer (from Sparkfun) to measure seismic activity. On bigger change it would send a signal to webcam and record what is going on outside the window.

I was making it because we have a problem in Riga, Latvia. Because of too bad roads and too heavy vehicles in downtown using them, we get something similar to small earthquakes. This causes damage houses by creating cracks in the walls and ceiling. I wanted to record these causes on 'tape', get the vibration strength equivalent in Richter magnitude scale and send it to the authority or media to see if something could be done to fix that (make them fix the roads).

The project was unfinished because I moved to a new place and had no need for it anymore.

Check the screenshots folder to get an understanding how far I got with it.