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This is a social media platform where users can make their own account. In this platform users are able to chat with each other, add & delete friends, post text like in facebook, post youtube videos, comment posts, like posts, search friends, get notifications, users can see their likes, friends and posts ammount and users can change their account settings like names, password and email.


  1. Download social.sql file.
  2. Open phpMyAdmin and import social.sql file.
  3. Download all the files and folders to your computer.
  4. Move files and folders to C:\xampp\htdocs\social2
  5. Be sure you have Xampp Control Panel open and Apache and MySQL is running.
  6. Go to your browser and type localhost/social2/register.php to your URL.
  7. Now you are all set, and you can Register to our site and start using it.
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