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Install Node.js (version 8 minimum) (and optionally Docker).

Clone this repository:

git clone
cd janitor/

Install dependencies:

npm install

Configure ./db.json for a local use or simply download the following configuration.

Start the server:

node app

Then hit https://localhost:1443!

Hack it

You can hack Janitor directly on Janitor!

Check your code:

npm run lint

Auto-fix your code:

npm run lint-fix

Test your code:

npm test

Auto-restart the server when its files are modified:

npm run watch

Run the server in the background (use tail -f janitor.log to check on it):

npm run app

Help wanted!


  • IRILL and Mozilla for hosting this project.
  • Datadog for monitoring the health and performance of our servers.
  • Cloud9 for sponsoring alpha accounts.