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A janky framework for building Signal bots.
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Janky Signal Bot Framework

A janky framework for building Signal bots. Requires signald.


pip install git+

Might put it in pypi eventually


See examples/ folder for more complete examples, etc

A simple example that responds to messages starting with "hi" with the text "Hello!"

from jsbf import Bot

def message_responder(message):
    return {
        "type": "send",
        "recipientNumber": message['data']['source'],
        "messageBody": "Hello!",
        "id": "1"

Bot's constructor takes one optional argument, a string to the path to the signald control socket. It defaults to /var/run/signald/signald.sock, the signald default.


Highly unstable, please get in touch or file an issue if you're planning on using this. Right now I'm assuming no one uses it and may post breaking changes

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