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The Emoji Keyboard Support Pages

* [User Guide](wiki/User-Guide) * [FAQ](wiki/FAQ) * YouTube videos: * Introduction to [The Emoji Keyboard 0.2](http://youtu.be/4GQApHayoIY) * Demonstration video of [release 0.1](http://youtu.be/PxerLPM1zas) * The Emoji Keyboard is available from OpenRepos.net * Download either [from OpenRepos.net](https://openrepos.net/content/penguin/emoji-keyboard) with web browser or * use [Warehouse client](https://openrepos.net/content/basil/warehouse) and search "The Emoji Keyboard" or just "Emoji" * [Installation instructions](wiki/Installation-instructions) * Please report all issues, bugs, defects to [Issue tracker](issues) * Release [Change log](wiki/Release-Change-log) * Author: [@JanneEdelman](https://twitter.com/JanneEdelman) in Twitter

For keyboard layout developers:

The Emoji Keyboard includes software files licensed under BSD license and included fonts have been licensed under BSD and Apache License 2.0. Please refer to individual files to find out more detailed and accurate copyright and license information.

Currently source code is fully available on installed files as whole keyboard implementation has been made with QML script. Separate source code distribution is not available.

RPM package and keyboard compilation copyright © 2014 Janne Edelman

This software is FREE and no payment is expected. If you however feel this software is worth it, I will welcome all 1 € donations

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