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This is a minor bugfix release. The fixes are:

  • ruse was leaking directory descriptors, and would silently fail once it had opened /proc for reading enough times. This is now fixed.

  • termination signals are now trapped and propagated to the child process, so we terminate neatly and actually output our data before quitting.

@JanneM JanneM released this Aug 21, 2017 · 14 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Ruse is now feature complete and stable. It's time to release it for public use.


  • Measure time of execution and peak memory use of (almost) any process and its descendants. The memory estimation conforms with that of Slurm, so you can use it to directly estimate the needed memory and time for a job.

  • Get a running log of memory use over time, at intervals of 1 second or longer.

  • Ruse is easy to use, takes little resources, and the results are easy to interpret even if you are not very familiar with Slurm.

Future Plans

1.0 will now see only bugfixes. Meanwhile we will take a look at recording and tracking core use and efficiency as well. If it goes to plan, there will be a v2 release with those features incorporated.