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TabAttack Browser Extension

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Save browser memory by exporting your tabs as Markdown. The extension allows you to edit the document in a text editor before you save it.

Later, you can import these Markdown documents and restore all windows exactly like they were before.


Get the extension from the Chrome Web Store.


The extension adds a tab counter to the toolbar:

Tab counter

When you click it, you will see an overview of all tabs (organized by window) that you have open:

Exported tabs

You can now edit the document as you wish. After that you can:

  • Download the current state of the editor as a *.md file

  • Close all tabs (except the current one)

  • Open a file that you saved earlier (drag and drop on top of the editor also works)

  • Re-open all links as individial tabs that are currently in the editor. This will restore each unordered list in its own window. This whole acion only works if all links are inside of an unordered list, though.

There are keyboard shortcuts for these actions:

Action OS X Windows
Download ⌘S Ctrl+S
Close all tabs ⌘Q Ctrl+Q
Open a file ⌘O Ctrl+O
Open all links ⇧⌘O Ctrl+Shift+O
Copy the whole document ⌘C Ctrl+C

Furthermore, there are many keyboard shortcuts for text editing inside the Ace editor.

Tab management keyboard shortcuts

This extension also adds a few useful, general tab management keyboard shortcuts. Most of them have to be set manually by going to “Keyboard shortcuts” at the bottom of chrome://extensions/.

Keyboard shortcut overview


Clone the repository:

git clone

Install the dependencies:

cd TabAttack/
npm install

Build and watch for changes (you need to have webpack installed globally):

webpack -w


Pull requests and bug reports are welcome. If you submit a pull request, please try to match the code formatting of the rest of the project. Some examples:

  • Tabs for indentation
  • Spaces before the parentheses of control structures (e.g. if (true) instead of if(true))
  • Curly braces on the same line
  • etc.


Icon shape created by Catia Marsh Wallow from the Noun Project

Special thanks to these projects: